Deyes High School Vision

At Deyes High School our vision is…

To excel in all that we do so that everyone flourishes and achieves their full potential

To realise this vision we will:

  • Place teaching and learning at the centre of all we do.
  • Make the process of learning vivid, challenging and enjoyable.
  • Determine the needs of every student and set individual targets.
  • Encourage students to be active participants on their own learning.
  • Focus on the development of the whole child.
  • Have high expectations of every member of our school community.
  • Celebrate and reward success is all aspects of school life.
  • Include everyone and respect difference.
  • Live the school’s core values.
  • Involve everyone in school improvement by informing, listening, valuing and responding.
  • Maintain an attractive and well resourced environment which stimulates and supports teaching and learning.